Fun Seekers Guide to East Madera County

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Fun Seeker's Guide

Fun Seekers Guide Title Screen

Release Date: 1989
Project Status: N/A
Latest Version:
Developer(s): Sierra
Publisher: Sierra
Designer(s): Doug Oldfield
Source Available:  Yes
Category: Application
Type: Mini Release Mini Release
Genre: Documentary
Engine: SCI0
CP Scheme: None
ESRB Rating: Unrated
Platform: MS-DOS
Localization: English


Fun Seekers Guide to East Madera County was a mini game or demo by Doug Oldfield that was included with the Space Quest Collector's Edition. From the README:

The Fun Seeker's Guide was written and programmed by Doug Oldfield, a programmer who's name you might have noticed in the credits of Space Quests 3 and 4 - as well as several other Sierra products. Generally a very busy guy, he apparently had a little too much time on his hands a few years back and was inspired to create this little gem which offers a unique perspective on one of the more interesting attractions (if not THE most interesting) in our humble Sierra foothill community. Anyone who has ever visited us here in Oakhurst or has driven along highway 41 on their way to Yosemite will probably recognize the subject of this program.


SCI0 (late)

Game Game version Interpreter version Date
Fun Seeker's Guide
1.02 0.000.506 1989


FSGSS1.png FSGSS2.png




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