Al Pond 2: Island Quest

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Al Pond 2: Island Quest

Al Pond 2: Island Quest Title Screen

Release Date: Feb, 2007
Project Status: Completed
Latest Version: {{{ReleaseVersion}}}
Developer(s): Eigen Lenk
Publisher: Eigen Lenk
Designer(s): Eigen Lenk
Source Available: 
Category: Game
Type: Full Release
Genre: Adventure
Engine: SCI0
CP Scheme: N/A
ESRB Rating: N/A
Platform: MS-DOS
Localization: English
Website: (web archive)


Al Pond 2: Island Quest is the second in a series by Eigen Lenk. In this episode, Al is still on Nonytoonyfatso Island and must find and save the leader, who’s been kidnapped by terrorists.


AlPond2SS1.png AlPond2SS2.png


Al Pond 2 is a sequence to Al Pond 1. In this episode Al finds himself on the Nonytoonyfatso Island. The main idea is to find Chief Nakimuga and free him from the Arabian terrorists.To find out where he is play the game now. There are also some other things to do but that's less important. If you haven't play the Al Pond 1 then I recommend you to play that to find out how Al got on the island. But now let's get to the point. Here's the backgroun When Al got rid of the evil Dr.Kony, he was very welcomed on the island. The NBI (Nonytoonyfatso Bustard Incorporated) asked Al to work for them, because they liked he's style. Now it's Al's job to find Chief Nakimuga.





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