Embedding Audio and Video

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Embedding Audio


The following will embed an OGG file:


The File attribute will accept extra parameters like "center" to place the player in the center of the page.



KQ4 Dwarve's Mine

Embedding Video


For locally uploaded content the process for displaying it on a page is the same as an image. See the image syntax documentation on MediaWiki.org for complete reference on this feature.

This example would display a video in page using a HTML5 <video> tag.


To specify the start and end timestamps in the media use the start and end parameters. The timestamp can be formatted as one of: ss, :ss, mm:ss, hh:mm:ss, or dd:hh:mm:ss.



{{#evt: service=youtube|id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXnp5KSK9JM}}

will yield:

The Colonel's Bequest out side of mansion



will yield:

Space Quest II "Where am I?"

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