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Gumby's SCI Tools
Command Line Tools
Current Version: 
Release Date: 
Developer(s): Gumby
Language: Python
Platform: Windows
Type: Resource Tool
Localization: English

Gumby's SCI Tools

Version 1.0

Developer: Gumby


SCI Development Tools by Gumby's (all tools are for SCI0 games unless otherwise specified)

Said() String Generator

(based on desired user input) for development of SCI0 games

SCI Text Dumper

Dumps all text resources & then runs them through a spelling & grammar checker prior to finally loading the text resources back in.

SCI Vocab Editor

Extracts the vocabulary for a game into Excel format for manipulation & then 're-loads' the updated vocab back into the game.

Dummy Script Compiler

Utility to workaround initial compilation of scripts that contain circular dependencies (via 'use' inclusion).

Recreate MAP File

Utility to recreate a .MAP file based on a set of RESOURCE.XXX (001, 002, etc) files.


Utility to dump & pack resources to/from RESOURCE.XXX files.

SCI Digital Sound Pack 1 - Doors

Digital sounds to be used with SNDBLAST.DRV sound driver

SCI Digital Sound Pack 2 - Animals

Digital sounds to be used with SNDBLAST.DRV sound driver

SCI Midi Pack 1 - Music

Midi music sounds to be used with SNDBLAST.DRV or MPUMIDI.DRV sound driver (possibly others)

SCI0 32bit Sound Utilities (Snd2Mid, Mid2Snd, SndPrf, ExtractWav)

Port of Ravi's 16 bit utilities (Snd2Mid, Mid2Snd, SndPrf) to C# and a new utility ExtractWav

SCI Narrate

Add a narrator to your SCI fan games. Leverages the Google Translate API.

Create Text Resources Tool

Parses all source script files & extracts all the Print() strings and puts them into text resources