HTML Codes for Special ASCII Characters

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Here is a list of code to be use in place of certain symbols to be sure that the page displays as intended.

For the Symbol Use this HTML code Description
" " double quotes
& & ampersand
< &lt; less than sign
> &gt; greater than sign
  &nbsp; non-breaking space
¡ &iexcl; inverted exclamation mark
¢ &cent; cent sign
&euro; Euro sign
£ &pound; Pound sign
¤ &curren; currency sign
¥ &yen; Yen sign
¦ &brvbar; broken vertical bar
§ &sect; section sign
¨ &uml; spacing diaeresis - umlaut
© &copy; copyright sign
&#153; Trademark sign
ª &ordf; feminine ordinal indicator
« &laquo; left double angle quotes
¬ &not; not sign
­ &shy; soft hyphen
® &reg; registered trade mark sign
¯ &macr; spacing macron - overline
° &deg; degree sign
± &plusmn; plus-or-minus sign
² &sup2; superscript two - squared
³ &sup3; superscript three - cubed
´ &acute; acute accent - spacing acute
µ &micro; micro sign
&para; pilcrow sign - paragraph sign
· &middot; middle dot - Georgian comma
¹ &sup1; superscript one
º &ordm; masculine ordinal indicator
» &raquo; right double angle quotes
¼ &frac14; fraction one quarter
½ &frac12; fraction one half
¾ &frac34; fraction three quarters
¿ &iquest; inverted question mark
× &times; multiplication sign
÷ &divide; division sign