Hoyle Classic Card Games Demo

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Hoyle Classic Card Games Demo

Hoyle Classic Card Games Demo Title Screen

Version: {{{ReleaseVersion}}}
Release Date: 1992
Project Status: N/A
Developer(s): Sierra
Publisher: Sierra
Designer(s): Warren Schwader
Category: Demo
Source Available:  No
Genre: Card
Engine: SCI1.1
Platform(s): MS-DOS
Localization: English,
Website: www.sierra.com


This is a non-interactive demo of the Hoyle Classic Card Games.



Unknown Versions

Game Game version Interpreter version Date
Hoyle Classic Card Games Demo (Hoyle 4)   no version number* 1992

* The version string contains the text: "No version number", it's the same interpreter with both of the games.



Hoyle4DemoSS1.png Hoyle4DemoSS2.png




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