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Welcome to the SCI Programmers Wiki.

A Wiki for the SCI Programming Community. SCI is the game engine created by Jeff Stephenson for Sierra On-Line, which was used between the years of 1989 to 1997. It superseded Sierra's earlier AGI engine. It was used to create such games as King's Quest IV to VII, Space Quest III to 6, Quest for Glory I to IV and Gabriel Knight I and II. With the availability of such tools as Brian Provinciano's SCI Studio 3 and Phil Fortier's SCI Companion, you can create your own games based on the same engine that Sierra used. This Wiki is a knowledgebase and collection of resources for those working with SCI. Additional help can always be found on the SCI Programming Community Message Board. For help with Sierra's games, see The Sierra Help Pages.


Feb 07, 2016

  • There is a new version of Phil Fortier's SCI Companion. SCI Companion v3 supports development of games from SCI0 to SCI1.1. Besides VGA graphics you will now be able to add digital sound effects and lip synced speech to your SCI games.
  • NSIS Publisher, SCI Companion's first plugin has been released. NSIS Publisher allows you to publish your SCI Companion project using the Null Soft Install System (NSIS) and can automatically compile a DOSBox installer for distribution of your game.

March, 2016

  • SEQTool, another SCI Companion plugin is under development. This tool is based on Kawa's SeqMaker, a command line program. With SEQTool you can edit existing SEQ files (used for cut scenes in SCI1 and later Sierra games), create new ones from your own 320px x 200px paletted 8-bit color images, import animated GIFs to SEQ or export frames from SEQ files to individual image files.

Getting started

New here? Visit the Getting Started page for information about how to create new SCI games, or understand the Tools behind editing them.

Please also take the time to visit the Community Portal, which contains useful links for SCI and the SCI Wiki.

If you are interested in contributing to the Wiki see How to Contribute below.


Links for additional help and resources for help for your SCI needs.

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SCI Companion
SCI Companion Documentation
SCI Studio on SourceForge   -

How to Contribute

No registration is required to view this Wiki. Anyone can view the various topics and guides on the SCI Wiki. However, to add or edit pages, you must be logged in. If you are not registered, you may request an account editing privileges.

Contact Collector on the SCI Programming Community Message Board or The Sierra Help Pages Forums if you wish to contribute.

Notes for Editors:

Please familiarize yourself with MediaWiki formatting before adding or editing pages. See the Notes for Editors page for SCI Wiki standards and news.