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NSIS Publisher
Latest Version:
Release Date:  Feb 2016
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Developer(s): Template:Andrew Branscom
Language: C#
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Platform: Windows
Type: Plugin
Localization: English

NSIS Publisher

Version 1.0

Developer: Andrew Branscom


NSIS Publisher is tool to be used as a plugin for [Phil Fortier's SCI Companion v3] for generating NSIS install scripts for fan made SCI0 SCI1.0 and SCI1.1 games. It can automatically generate an installer for your SCI Companion created game. The generated script can be tweaked/customized and recompiled manually in the included script editor. The resulting script can be found in the game's base folder for later corrections or revisions. You can reopen a script through the open script dialog of the tool or by double clicking the NSI file. Game installers created by NSIS Publisher will include DOSBox and the games will be automatically configured to run in it.



  • If you do not already have NSIS installed, download and install it (http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Download)
  • Unzip into SCI Companion 3's Plugins subdirectory.
  • Move or copy the contents of the "Merge with Installed NSIS Directory" folder with your installed NSIS directory, merging the "Include" and "Plugins" folders with those in NSIS.

Three new items should now appear in SCI Companion's Plugins menu; Edit Readme, Publish and NSIS Publisher.


First time running it will open the options dialog to choose defaults. Thereafter it will generate an NSIS script for your current project and compile it it with an included DOSBox by selecting "Publish" in SCI Companion's Plugins menu.

See the help file for more information.


Source Code is available here: