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Please review this Wiki's Manual of Style before adding or editing pages. Also, familiarize yourself with MediaWiki formatting. For general text formatting and other help making entries in this Wiki, see Help.


SCI Programmer's Wiki Rules

No Illegal or Controversial Material

To avoid legal issues, do not include or link to illegal content, such as abandonware sites. Also, please avoid entering anything that may cause the Wiki to become targeted by various filters or blocks.


A few wiki extensions have been installed to extend functionality and to ease editing.

  • Balloons - Allows the addition of tooltips.
  • Cite Helps in adding footnotes and citations.
  • InterWiki - Provides a linking shortcut to other Wikis and common reference sites.
  • OFlash - Allows the use of Flash .FLV files.
  • OggHandler - Allows embedding of .OGG AND .OGV files.
  • SyntaxHighlight GeSHi - Automatically adds syntax highlighting to your code entries.



The Balloons extension has been installed. This will allow you to add Tooltips to your entries. <balloon title="Tooltip example">Mouse over this</balloon> for an example. See Tooltips for more information.

Using Audio and Video Files
Media can now be included in your entries. See the Embedding Audio and Video help page for more information.

Please add any relevant categories at the bottom of any new articles you create. Be sure that you check to see if a category already exists before creating a new one. See the Categories page to check first. Use this code at the bottom of the page to add your article to a category:


...changing "Category_Name" to the name of the desired category. Use as many as is appropriate for your new entry.

Code Syntax Highlighting:
When entering any code, please use the tags found on Entering Code into the Wiki for consistency. Also, the <syntaxhighlight lang="sci"> behaves like the <pre> tags and will preserve your code's formatting without adding non-breaking spaces or line breaks. It will also automatically add the SCI syntax highlighting.