Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

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Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

Quest for Glory II Cover

Release Date: Nov, 1990
Project Status: N/A
Developer(s): Sierra
Publisher: Sierra
Designer(s): Lori Cole, Corey Cole
Source Available:  No
Category: Full Release
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Genre: Adventure
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Engine: SCI0.1
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Platform: Template:MS-DOS, Amiga
Localization: English


Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire is the second of the Quest for Glory Series.


Game Game version Interpreter version Date
Quest for Glory II 0.101 0.001.026 1990/10/30
Quest for Glory II 1.000 1.000.041  
Quest for Glory II 1.102 0.001.072*  
Quest for Glory II 1.105 0.001.072* 1990/12/07
Quest for Glory II (SCIV.OLD) 1.105 0.001.087*  

* Debug reports SCI version 1.000.***, but is actually SCI01.

"Quest for Glory II definitely did *not* use the SCI1 interpreter that Sierra used for King's Quest V and the other 256-color EGA games. That interpreter did not have a parser, so could not handle typed input at all. If they internally called QfG2's interpreter 'SCI1', it was just a PR thing - It was not the same interpreter.

"As to *why* QfG2 used the parser and EGA graphics, it's because all of Sierra's other games were running late. Sierra needed a major release for Christmas 1990, and we were the sacrificial lamb. (I think it was partially because I did not fight as hard as Mark Crowe - The choice was between QfG2 and SQ3 as to which game would ship early, but with 16-color graphics.)"

-- Corey Cole


QfG2SS1.png QfG2SS2.png







New Installer

Requires files from the original distribution media.



Resolves RESTORE/SAVE issues.
Resolves IMPORT problems with versions up to 1.102.


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