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The Realm Online

The Realm Online Cover

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Release Date: 1996
Project Status: N/A
Developer(s): Sierra, Codemasters (previous), Norseman Games (current)
Publisher: Sierra
Designer(s): Stephen Nichols
Category: Full Release
Source Available:  No
Genre: MMORPG (Multiplayer)
Engine: SCI2.1
Platform(s): Windows 3x, Windows 9x
Localization: English


The Realm Online, originally known simply as The Realm, is a second generation MORPG (multiplayer online role playing game).

The Realm was launched in December 1996 for Windows[1] It was designed in the tradition of graphical MUDs,[2] before the popular usage of the terms "massively multiplayer" and "MMORPG".[3]

Originally published by Sierra On-Line, it was abandoned by that company because of its unfavorable comparison to Ultima Online and EverQuest.[4] It was next taken up for a short time by a company called World Opponent Network (WON) which was also owned by Sierra, then Codemasters, and presently is a Norseman Games production.[5]



Game Game version Interpreter version Date
The Realm Online 3.43 2.100.002 1998


TheRealmSS1.png TheRealmSS2.png




The Realm Online uses Turn-based strategy|turn-based combat, which makes it different from other MUDs of its generation,[3] and is convenient for players with a bad Internet connection.[6] it has been credited to be the first virtual world to use instances, with every battle taking place in a special room outside of the open world.[7]

The game has been criticized for its unforgiving character creation: a character that hasn't been created optimally can't reach maximum potential.[6]

In the game's first year, 25,000 user accounts had been made. In 2008, the server would still reach an online population of 100 to 200 players during peak hours.[2]



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