Resource Corruption from Rebuilding while Running

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By Cloudee1

Sooner or later it happens to everybody. You code in some room, added in a programControl() and had no way to exit the screen besides the windows button when you actually tested it. Then you were so eager to fix whatever you were testing that you forget to actually close the now minimized Dos window. Then you compiled and then it happens, you hit the rebuild game button. SciStudio does not like this one bit, not one bit at all.

Congratulations you have now corrupted your game all while watching sci studio crash to a something strange happened error. When the dust clears, you spot it. That DOSBox window,hiding out down there in the task bar looking all innocent. Don't worry, your game isn't lost in fact there is a really really simple way to get everything back up and running again.

Enter your game's folder. When you look at the file names, you should notice that there is no resource.001 file, instead there is something named respak.tmp. This weird new file is in fact your resource file and all you need to do to fix it is simply rename it to it's original resource.001

That's it, you have saved your game from the brink of utter destruction. Well it happens to me a lot anyway, and there's nothing so scary as that first time. Hope this makes someone else's first time a little less scary.

Applies to both SCI Studio and SCI Companion.