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==<br /> See Also ==
==<br /> See Also ==
* [[AGIW:Category:Releases by Robin Gravel|AGI Releases by Robin Gravel]]
* [[:Category:Releases by Robin Gravel|scI Releases by Robin Gravel]]
* [[Fan Release List|Fan Release List]]
* [[Fan Release List|Fan Release List]]
* [[:Category:Fan Releases|Fan Releases]]
* [[:Category:Fan Releases|Fan Releases]]
[[Category:Fan Designers]]
[[Category:Stub Pages]]
[[Category:Fan SCI Designers]]

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Robin Gravel



Home Page

Games by Robin Gravel

SCI Games

Title Year Credits
Another DG Game: I want my C64 back 2010/03 Designer
Grostesteing: plus méchant que jamais] 2010/03 Designer

AGI Games

Title Year Credits
Abrah, l'orphelin de l'espace 2002/09/02 Designer
Boring Man 1 - The Road to Robinland 2003/11/03 Designer
Boring Man 2 - Ho Man! This Game Sucks! 2006/05/19 Designer
Coco Coq In Grostesteings Base 2004/03/30 Designer
Coco Coq: La Base de Grostesteing, French 2002/08/03 Designer
DG - The Adventure Game, English 2002/06/13 Designer
DG - The AGIMouse Adventure, English 200111/01 Designer
Half-Death - Terror At White-Mesa 2005/08/11 Designer
Isabella Coq - A Present for my Dad 2002/12 Designer
Les Inséparables 2002/09/28 Designer
Naturette 1999 Designer
Naturette II - Daughter of the Moon 2002 Designer
Naturette III - Adventure in Tree Land 2003/05/21 Designer
Professor is Missing 2005/04/03 Designer
Serguei's Destiny 2001 Designer
Serguei's Destiny II Demo 2003/04/14 Designer

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