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* [[Image:ZIP.PNG|ZIP File]] [[scidl:SCIDrivers/SCI0SoundDrivers.zip|SCI0 Sound Drivers Pack]]<span class="DLInfo"> (ZIP file) [11.6 KB]</span>
* [[Image:ZIP.png|ZIP File]] [[scidl:SCIDrivers/SCI0SoundDrivers.zip|SCI0 Sound Drivers Pack]]<span class="DLInfo"> (ZIP file) [11.6 KB]</span>

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SCI0 Sound Drivers


The following SCI0 sound drivers are available:


This driver allows SCI0 games to have stereo Adlib music (ADL.DRV is mono-only) and digital sound effects, if any are amended to a sound resource.


The same as MT32.DRV except it also supports digital audio-amended sound resources.


For use when you just want to convert a MIDI to a sound resource quickly with SoundBox and not worry about all that instrument-creation stuff. The difference between this and GM.DRV is this one just chooses the instruments based on what patch number they're using while GM.DRV is for games that have no GM mapped instruments and tries to guess the General MIDI instrument equivalent based on the MT-32 instrument names. Use this driver if you aren't planning on having Adlib or MT-32 support.


General MIDI driver. Used mainly with official Sierra SCI0 games. This driver guesses the General MIDI instruments by reading the MT-32 instrument names and choosing the closest-resembling General MIDI equivalent with mixed results depending on the game. Use this if you do plan on having Adlib and MT-32 support.