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SCI Companion
SCI Companion 3 Screenshot
Latest Version:
Release Date:  Feb 07, 2016
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Developer(s): Phil Fortier
Language: C++
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Type: IDE
Localization: English

SCI Companion

Version 3.0

Developer: Phil Fortier


SCI Companion, by Phil Fortier (Troflip) is still actively maintained. SCI Companion is a completely free IDE (integrated development environment) for SCI0 to SCI1.1 (EGA and VGA) games. It lets you create games that run on Sierra’s SCI engine. SCI Companion 3 is now available, which offers support for SCI1.1+, which includes VGA graphics and digital audio.



SCICompanion3bSS.png SCICompanion2SS.png
SCI Companion 3 SCI Companion 2

SCI Companion 3

The latest version of the program.

SCI Companion 2

An older version of SCI Companion.


  • Complete IDE with Project Explorer for creating your own SCI game
  • Extract or export resources from SCI0, SCI1 and SCI2 games
  • Decompile original SCI0, SCI1 or SCI2 scripts from existing games.
  • View (sprite) editor
    • Create or edit existing SCI0 (EGA) or SCI1.1 (VGA) View resources
  • Picture (background) editor
    • Create or edit existing SCI0 (EGA) or SCI1.1 (VGA) PIC resources
  • Palette editor
  • Script and Heap editors with compiler
  • Message, Text and Vocab editors
  • Font editor
  • Sound and Audio editors
  • Work with SCI Studio syntax or the original Sierra syntax
  • SCI0 (EGA) and SCI1.1 (VGA) template games
  • Make game patches
  • Plugin system to expand SCI Companion's capabilities with third party tools



SCI Companion

Download from the SCI Companion homepage or download from here:

Source Code is available here:

* Always check the SCI Companion homepage for the latest version

SCI Companion

Complete editor for EGA SCI games. Inspired by SCIStudio. You can edit pics, views, script source code, text resources, cursors, fonts, the main vocab file, even create new games.

Download from the SCI Companion 2 homepage or download from here:

Source Code is available here:

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