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Graphic Screen Functions

Author: Jeff Stephenson

Revision by: David Slayback


Graphic Screen Functions

The following kernel functions are direct calls to the graphic code used to draw the pictures and views.

mapSet is used below to refer to a word that has its bits set for a combination of showing on the Visual, Priority, and/or Control screen.

(Graph GLoadBits bitMap)

Load the given bitMap number, and display on screen. This function does NOT work for 16-color SCI.

(Graph GDetect)

Return the number of colors supported by the video hardware. EGA=16, CGA B/W=2, CGA Color=4, VGA=256.

(Graph GSetPalette paletteNum)

Not implemented yet -- for 256-color SCI.

changed 4-2-90 j.m.h. /m.w.

(Graph GDrawLine t l b r vColor pColor cColor)

Draw a line from (l, t) to (r, b) in the the given colors. A color value of -1 specifies that the line should not be drawn into that map.

(Graph GFillArea x y mapSet [vColor] [pColor [cColor])

Do a fill at (x,y) in the mapSet screens in the given colors.

(Graph GDrawBrush x y size randomSeed mapSet [vColor] [pColor [cColor])

Not implemented yet.

(Graph GSaveBits top left bottom right mapSet saveID)

Return a pointer to the saved bits of the rectangle (top,left, bottom, right) on the given screen(s) in mapset.

(Graph GRestoreBits saveID)

Restore to the screen the bits that are pointed to by saveID.

(Graph GEraseRect top left bottom right)

Draws visual in background color.

(Graph GPaintRect top left bottom right)

Draws visual in foreground color.

(Graph GFillRect top left bottom right mapset vColor pColor cColor)

Fill a given rectangle(top,left,bottom,right) in the given screen(s) and color(s).

(Graph GShowBits top left bottom right mapSet)

Not implemented yet.

(Graph GReAnimate top left bottom right)

This has the same affect as a ShowBits, BUT re-animates the cast members that are inside the shown rectangle.

(Graph GInitPri horizon foreground)

This sets the point at which animated characters change priority as they move up and down the screen. The horizon is the coordinate in the picture where their priority is 0. The foreground is the point where the priority will be 14. These values can be set in the picture editor, but are not saved. Default is hor=42, fore=190.




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