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Object Functions

Author: Jeff Stephenson

Revision by: David Slayback


Object Functions

These functions are low-level functions for manipulating and getting information about objects.

(Clone instance/class)

Return the object ID of a copy of instance/class. This copy has the same property values and the same methods as instance/class. The properties can be changed, the methods cannot.

(DisposeClone object)

Dispose of object if it was created with the Clone function, leave it alone otherwise. This does not dispose of any objects which may have their IDs in a property of object -- you must do that before calling DisposeClone.

(IsObject object)

Returns TRUE if object is an object or class, FALSE otherwise. Useful for testing to see that something is an object before sending a message to it in a situation in which you can't be guaranteed that a value is an object ID.

(RespondsTo object selector)

Returns TRUE if selector is a valid selector for object, i.e. if selector is the name of a property or method of object.




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