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Picture Functions

Author: Jeff Stephenson

Revision by: David Slayback


Picture Functions

(DrawPic picNum [showStyle] [clearPic] [pallete])

Clear the background screen, then draw picture number picNum in it. The picture will not be brought to the screen until the first Animate call following the DrawPic. To bring the picture to the screen immediately, call (Animate NULL).

The optional showStyle specifies the manner in which the kernel will bring the picture to the screen -- current possibilities are horizontal, vertical, left, and right wipe, horizontal and vertical shutter, iris in and out, dissolve, or just plain. See for the style constants.

If clearPic is FALSE, the current picture will overlay onto the existing picture, otherwise the default behavior will happen -- the previous picture will be cleared before being drawn.

palette, ranging from 0 - 3, will specify which of the 4 palettes to use to draw the picture. The default is 0.

(Show what)

Displays a given screen (visual, priority, or control) based on the value of what. This can be used for debugging to see why an actor is not able to enter a given area or why priorities aren't working properly. The values of what are one of

VMAP (visual screen -- you're generally displaying this) PMAP (priority screen -- objects will have their priorities displayed, and animation will continue on this screen) CMAP (control screen -- animation is stopped pending a keystroke when this screen is displayed, since you won't be able to see the Actors)

(PicNotValid [value])

Returns TRUE if the picture window is actually shown on the screen, FALSE if the screen needs to be updated. If [value] is passed, sets the status to [value].

(ShakeScreen num [dir])

num is how many times to shake the screen, and dir is the direction to do the shaking: 1=down(default), 2=right, 3=down/right

(CoordPri yCoord)

Returns the priority that corresponds to yCoord on the priority map.




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