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System Functions

Author: Jeff Stephenson

Revision by: David Slayback


System Functions

(Wait n)

Wait until n timer ticks (1/60th of a second) have passed since the last call to Wait. This is used to keep animation running at a constant speed -- each pass through the main loop ends with a call to Wait, so the main loop is executed at most once in a given time interval. The standard value of n is 6, leading to animation every 1/10th of a second. If more than n ticks have occurred since the last call to Wait, it returns immediately. The return value of Wait is the number of ticks more than n since the last call.

(GetTime [realTime])

With no arguments, returns the low word of the number of ticks (1/60th of a second) since the game was booted. With an argument, returns real system time in the format:





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