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Author: Pablo Ghenis

Date: 21 July 1988 9:56:56 am



"get rock" 'get/rock'
'get' or '/rock'
"hit tree with ax" 'hit/tree/ax<with'
"go get prison guard jacket" 'get<go/jacket<(guard<prison)'
"get food" followed by  
"eat it" is the same as  
"get food" and "eat food"  
"what time is it?" 'is<what<time'
"which witch made stew?" 'made<which<witch/stew'
"do fairies sleep?" 'sleep<fairies<do'
"when do fairies sleep?" '(sleep<fairies<do)<when'
"get across creek with boat" 'get<across/creek/boat'
"hamburger" '/hamburger'
"coffee with sugar" '/coffee/sugar<with'




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