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Author: Pablo Ghenis

Date: 21 July 1988 9:56:56 am



The previous section briefly describes the upper branch of the parsing system. The lower branch allows the SCI coder to specify what sentences he wants to recognize using "Said" statements. The above sentence ("take the gold from the dwarf") can be recognized by:

(Said 'take/gold/dwarf<from')

which would return TRUE if the user typed the phrase in. Let's dissect this spec:


the first of three sections separated by slashes, it is the verb in the verb phrase.


the slash signals the beginning of the direct object, which is a noun phrase with root "gold"


the slash signals the beginning of the indirect object, which is an Associated Phrase. The root is "dwarf"


the "<" means "modified by". In this case the preposition "from" modifies the root of the AP




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