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SCI Studio
SCI Studio Screenshot
Latest Version:  3
Release Date:  2003
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Developer(s): Template:Brian Provinciano
Language: C++
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Type: IDE
Localization: English
Website: (web archive)

SCI Studio

Version 3

Developer: Brian Provinciano


SCI Studio is Brian Provinciano's original tool for creating EGA SCI games. Home page no longer exists. SCI Studio 3 is that last release version of his IDE, but it has certain stability issues. Brian Provinciano was developing a version of SCI Studio that could open and create the SCI1 VGA games before he abandoned all work on Studio.




SCIStudio3SS1.png SCIStudio4SS1.png
SCI Studio 3 SCI Studio 3+

SCI Studio 3

The original project's site no longer exists, however, the source of SCI Studio is available and has been placed on SVN at SourceForge. The current SCI Studio's site on SourceForge can be found at

SCI Studio 3+ (A.K.A. SCI Studio 4 VGA)

Brian Provinciano's unfinished work to add support for the SCI VGA games.


SCI Studio 3

Source Code is available here:

SCI Studio 4 (VGA)

Source Code is available here:


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