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The RootObj Class

Author: Jeff Stephenson

Date: 5 April 1988


The RootObj Class

A RootObj is the most fundamental object possible in the Script language — it has an identity as an object, but that's it. It is defined in the kernel, not in Script, and is the ultimate superclass of all objects. Since it is such a minimal object, it is only used as a basis for those objects in which memory size is a major consideration and which are hidden away in other objects in such a way that the fuller identity given by making them sub-classes of Object is not necessary.

In file: in the kernel
Inherits from: nothing
Inherited by: Object



This is a pointer to the property dictionary for an object, which is contained in the defining class. Thus if two objects have equal species properties, they are both instances of the same class. Do not change this property, or the object will stop working.


This is a pointer to the method dictionary of the object's superclass, and is used to look up a method which is not defined locally. Don't change it, or the object will stop working.


This is esoteric bit-mapped information about the object. It is currently used to tell whether the object is a static instance or was created with new:.




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