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Command Line Tool
Latest Version:  2.1
Release Date:  Mar. 2016
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Developer(s): Kawa
Language: C#
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SeqMaker 2.1

Version 2.1

Developer: Kawa


SeqMaker is a console or command line program that can create, extract images from and play the Sierra SEQ files. As a command line program it could easily be used for batch file processing SEQ files. For those that want a GUI try SEQTool, which is an SCI Companion plugin based on SeqMaker.


  • Supports PNG, BMP, GIF, and PCX
  • Automatically detects sequences, so you can just drop book1.bmp on it and expect it to make book.seq with all 16 frames.
  • Specify a later frame to start from there instead.
  • Also supports TXT files with file lists in 'em in place of the first frame.
  • Integrated player -- drop a SEQ file on it.
  • Player doesn't use SetPixel any more!
  • Anything wrong? This even has return codes for integration into UI fronts or whatever.
  • Exploding a SEQ file into individual bitmaps of your chosen format.


For command line use:

seqmaker [infile] => as above
seqmaker [infile] -o [outfile] => don't guess the name of the seq to make

seqmaker [seqfile] => play seq in 320x200
seqmaker [seqfile] -d => play seq in 640x400
seqmaker [seqfile] -a => play seq in 320x240
seqmaker [seqfile] -a -d => play seq in 640x480
seqmaker [seqfile] -- plays SEQ file
seqmaker [seqfile] -e -- plays, but also saves frames as cd6-0001.png through cd6-0130something.png
seqmaker [seqfile] -e alexmirror1.png -- saves as alexmirror1.png and so on.

Aspect and Dual switches have no bearing on what is saved.


Download from here:

Source Code is available here:

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