Sierra Resource Viewer

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Sierra Resource Viewer
Developer: Sciviewer
Sierra Resource Viewer
Sierra Resource Viewer Screenshot
Latest Version:  (no version number)
Release Date:  Mar. 31, 2007
Publication Status:  Yes
Developer(s): Sciviewer
Language: C++
Open Source: No
Source Available:  No
License: None
Platform: Windows
Type: Resource Tool
Localization: English
Website: (Web Archive)


A program to display resources in Sierra's games in a viewable form instead of just a plain hex dump. This tool will open and view the SCI game resources, images, sounds, sprites, etc. Home page no longer exists.


Sierra Resource Viewer

The latest version of the program.

Sierra Resource Viewer 1.0

An older version of Sierra Resource Viewer.




Sierra Resource Viewer

SCI Resource Viewer with Command Line Interface - Include a command line version (no version number).

Works with AGI games.
Can also extract message and audio resources from Mask of Eternity.

Sierra Resource Viewer 1.0

An older version, SCI Resource Viewer v. 1.0.

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