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SoundBox Screenshot
Current Version:  1.0
Release Date:  2002
Developer(s): Ravi Iyengar
Language: C++
Platform: Windows
Type: Resource Tool
Localization: English


Version 1.0

Developer: Ravi Iyengar


Soundbox is a standalone application for editing SCI0 sound resources. It can convert format 0 and format 1 MIDI files and allows managing resource specific features like sound cues.

The MT-32 to GM conversion routines come from FreeSCI and are copyright © 1999-2000 by Rickard Lind.

Soundbox is released under the GNU General Public License. Please see for details.



SoundboxSS1.png SoundboxSS2.png



Most will only need Soundbox to import MIDI files into their SCI0 games.

  1. Use format 0 or format 1 standard MIDI files. Format 2 files are not supported.
  2. Leave channel 16 empty. Don't try to play music on it.
  3. Don't rely on embedded sysex messages. They will be removed during import.
  4. Break large, long, heavily layered works into smaller pieces. An individual sound resource should not be larger than 64k. If necessary, a number of resources can be played one after the other.
  5. To convert the MIDI file, choose File -> Import MIDI from the menu.
  6. To save the imported resource, use File -> Save As.
  7. To play imported MIDI resources in Sierra's DOS interpreters, get the SCI0 MPU MIDI sound driver.


Download from the Soundbox homepage or download from The Sierra Help Pages:


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