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The Script Programming Language

Using SC

Author: Jeff Stephenson


Using SC

The sc compiler is invoked with the command

sc file_spec [file_spec] [options]

Any number of file specifications may be entered on the command line, and a file specification may include wild-card names.



Generate an assembly language code listing for the file. This is useful when using the built-in debugger of sci, which lists only the assembly language code, not the source. When compiling, the list file is named


Turns off 'auto-naming' of objects. As described in Script Classes for Adventure Games, each object has a name, or 'print-string' property, which is how to represent the object textually. Unless the property is explicitly set, the compiler will generate the value for this property automatically, using the object's symbol string for the name. The object names, however, take up space in the heap. While they are useful (almost vital) for debugging, if you're running out of heap in a room, it might help to compile with the -n option to leave the names out.


Set the directory for the output file (script.nnn) to out-dir.


Turns on verbose mode, which prints the number of bytes occupied by various parts of the output file (code, objects, text, etc.).


Turn off optimization. Not a particularly useful option except for those of us who must maintain the compiler.




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