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Rainer De Temple


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AGI Tragic and SCI collaborator. Working on a SCI Game, hopefully to be released in the next decade or so hahaha.

I used to be a fairly active member of the AGI/SCI community back in the day (about 15 years ago). I was the original creator of the AGI Wiki back then. I was a part of the community as far back as 1997 when Peter Kelly was the main contributor to AGI and SCI wasn't even on the table!

Lately I have had a renewed interest in all things Sierra and have dusted off the code for my SCI game in development.

Home Page

Games by Rainer De Temple

Title Year Credits
AGI Piano 1998 Designer
Escape Quest Demo 1998/09/21 Designer
Moon Patrol Designer
Pharaoh Quest Demo 2007/12 Designer
Renegade Designer

Unfortunately, all of these games are abandoned. I was quite ambitious 20 years ago.

Renegade is still on the table however, but I have moved my development to SCI from AGI. I still have the original game design document and are working from that.

Contributions by Rainer De Temple

Title Year Credits
GameNameHere YearHere CreditsHere

Tools by Rainer De Temple

Title Year Credits
Logic Wizard 1998/08/19 Developer


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